Marvel's Kevin Feige Teases Return of Harry Styles as Eros

Kevin Feige is already hyping up the future of Harry Styles' character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eros. The Eternals post-credits scene had one of the wildest reveals for the MCU in years, revealing that former One Direction member and beloved pop star Harry Styles was now part of the massive superhero universe. Styles made his acting debut with Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and stars in Olivia Wilde's upcoming film Don't Worry Darling in a leading role. With how busy the singer is and the future of the Eternals future being questioned by fans, many are wondering if and when Harry Styles' character will appear next.

Speaking to Josh Horowitz for MTV News, Kevin Feige confirmed that Eros will return soon. Feige didn't say exactly where, but stated that Eros lives in the "cosmic" part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it seems likely we'll need to look to the stars for the next Harry Styles MCU appearance. Whether that means Eros is showing up in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 or the newly announced Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is unclear, but more Harry Styles is on the way.

"The adventures of Eros and Pip is something that is very exciting for us," said Feige. "You're talking about Ghost Rider, we've got Blade, we've got Doctor Strange with the supernatural angles, we've got the street level with our announcement of Daredevil and of course, Spider-Man, and cosmic, and that's where our friends Eros and Pip live."

Besides the fact that he's played by Harry Styles, one of the most interesting things about Eros is that he's the brother of Thanos. Given he's only had a brief appearance in the MCU and we're getting further away from the Infinity Saga, it's unclear if there will be much acknowledgment of that part of his life going forward. Either way, Harry Styles fans can rejoice at confirmation of his return to the MCU.

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