'He-Man: Masters of the Universe' Movie Characters Potentially Revealed

Masters of the Universe seems to be picking up steam, and now we have an idea of which characters [...]

Masters of the Universe seems to be picking up steam, and now we have an idea of which characters will inhabit this live-action rendition of Eternia.

The new He-Man: Masters of the Universe film is set to be directed by Aaron and Adam Nee, and several familiar characters are already slated to be a part of it according to That Hashtag Show. The film's plot revolves around King Randor's two sons, Keldor and Adam. In this interpretation, Keldor is actually the perfect son and is slated to become King. Adam is more of an outsider and is deemed young and unfit to rule. At some point though King Randor has to put the Kingdom before his son, and in some way betrays Keldor, paving the way for him to become Skeletor.

There will be plenty of other characters in the mix though, and that includes Duncan, better known as Man-At-Arms. Duncan is King Randor's loyal weaponeer and is intensely knowledgeable about weapons of all shapes and sizes. According to the source, he will also serve as the main deliverer of exposition related to Eternia's history.

Man-At-Arms' daughter Teela is also in the mix. Teela is Adam's best friend and will also have some sort of romantic relationship with him. It is expected that she will reprise her role as Captain of Eternia's Royal Guard.

Zodak will also be making an appearance. Zodak is the King's Minister of Technology and acts as his right-hand man. Zodak is an immortal and has lived through the war of the Ancients and the Snake Men, and is described as an Obi-Wan-like character and mentor to Adam.

Rounding out He-Man's group will be Orko and Stratos. Orko is the lovable miniature trollan mage who doesn't always succeed in using magic but always does his best to try. According to the source, he will be reimagined as a small man whose self-doubt in his abilities hold him back from being..well, an average wizard. As for Stratos, the leader of the bird people will actually be depicted as the leader of the Sky Guards at Iron Gate prison. This is where Skeletor and his allies are imprisoned at one point in the film.

Skeletor will have a few allies as well, including Beast Man. This version of the character will actually be a shapeshifter and can turn into any beast he chooses. Skeletor's group will also include Evil-Lyn, a powerful witch with motives all her own. She will help Skeletor recreate the Havok Staff, and might even betray him before the film's credits roll.

They'll be joined by Trap Jaw, part man and part machine. He has interchangeable parts and as his name implies, razor-sharp jaws.

Hopefully, we'll learn more about the movie soon, but in the meantime let us know what you think about these characters in the comments!