Hobbs & Shaw Producer Breaks Down the Film's Massive Cameos

There was a lot of online chatter about some potential big name cameos ahead of the release of [...]

There was a lot of online chatter about some potential big name cameos ahead of the release of Hobbs & Shaw earlier this year, including that of John Wick star Keanu Reeves. While Reeves never actually appeared in the film, there were some unknown cameos that seriously surprised fans in theaters. Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart both appeared in the Fast & Furious franchise for the first time in Hobbs & Show, and their roles were somehow kept secret throughout all of production.

Ahead of the Hobbs & Shaw Blu-ray released on November 5th, ComicBook.com spoke with writer and producer Chris Morgan about how these top secret cameos actually came together.

"During our pre-production, we had talked about bringing those guys in, and then as we moved forward, we just kind of reached out," Morgan explained. "We talked through the material with them. We had to balance schedules. Like they were incredibly generous. Both those guys ended up flying in from other projects, on a weeknight, to come in and just knock through some of the scenes with us, and then get back to their other gig. Like they personally sacrificed to be in the movie, because they wanted to have fun with their friends, and they love the Fast franchise. It speaks a lot to who they are. It speaks a lot to how much they love the fans."

Unlike most major cameos in big blockbusters these days, the appearances of Hart and Reynolds in Hobbs & Shaw were somehow kept under wraps. Morgan noted that the production team mandated that everyone involved be as tight-lipped as possible about their roles.

"We all kind of mandated to keep that secret, and nobody really spilled it," he continued. "It just felt awesome. It's like one of the biggest things about doing these movies. Everybody fights for the audience. They do. Best idea always wins."

At the end of the day, these movies are all about making sure the audience has the best time when they visit the theater. Cameos like the ones in Hobbs & Shaw are just one way for that to happen.

"That's why I think there is so much love with the Fast franchise, and there's so much love with these characters, that I think you sense it on the screen, that A, everybody's having fun, and then B, we really want to fight to make sure that the audience just feels a good time at the movies, characters they can get behind, and we're trying to impress you."

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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw will be available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on November 5th.