'Holmes & Watson' Close To Breaking Into Double Digits On Rotten Tomatoes As Four Critics Don't Hate It

Believe it or not, Holmes and Watson seems to be having a good day — at least as good of a day [...]

Believe it or not, Holmes and Watson seems to be having a good day — at least as good of a day as one of the worst-reviewed movies of the year can have, that is. In the wake of debuting with an astonishing 0% Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has managed to pull in four positive reviews, nearly allowing it to break it double digits on the review-aggregating site.

Now counting 46 reviews, four reviews have been posted that are considered "fresh," or positive, giving the Etan Cohen-directed movie a 9% rating. After Vulture's David Edelstein gave the movie its first fresh review earlier in the week, three new reviews have since popped up from various news outlets around the world.

While none of the reviews are glowing, in particular, they are vastly more positive than past reviews.

"It's not as funny as their previous outings," 3AW's Jim Schembri says. "But the flick has enough slapstick, vomiting, poo, comic violence and general flailing about to keep fans mildly entertained."

Polygon's Karen Han says there's just enough in the movie to keep it from completely falling apart.

"Though it doesn't all quite hold together," Han says. "There are enough inspired moments - and enough strangeness lying just below the film's surface - that it doesn't completely fall apart, either."

The latest positive review makes sure to point out that Will Ferrell's (Anchorman) performance in the flick is one of his best roles as of late.

"Holmes and Watson is not for everybody," Jake Wilson of The Age says. "But if you want to see Ferrell off the leash this is the best opportunity in a long time."

The Ferrell and John C. Reilly-starring movie has had a rough go at it, apparently testing so poorly with audiences, even Netflix wasn't willing to purchase the film from Sony. With such a poor critical response, it's no surprise that the film isn't too great at the box office. Showing at 2,776 theaters, the movie's only grossed $15 million towards its reported $42m budget as of this writing.

Holmes & Watson is directed by Etan Cohen and stars Will Ferrell (Holmes), John C. Reilly (Watson), Rebecca Hall (Dr. Grace Hart), Ralph Fiennes (Moriarty), Kelly Macdonald (Mrs. Hudson), Lauren Lapkus (Millie), Hugh Laurie (Mycroft), Noah Jupe (Doxy), Pam Ferris (Queen Victoria), Bella Ramsey (Flotsam), Rob Brydon (Inspector Lestrade), and Bronson Webb (Jonathan Nightingale).

Holmes and Watson is in theaters now.