Indiana Jones 5 Director Answers Important Fan Question About New Movie

The director of Indiana Jones 5 hopped on social media to answer an important fan question about the upcoming film. A filmmaker named James W. Burns asked James Mangold about a very specific detail concerning the hero. Basically, would the shoulder strap of his bag be over or under his jacket? "There is one question I'd like to ask @mang0ld. I'm not worried about the trailer, or first official photos, or plot details. I just want to know one thing… bag strap over or under?" Luckily for Burns, Mangold hopped on Twitter to quickly settle this with a simple "over!" A lot of fans have a ton invested in the series. After the fourth entry, they're just hoping for a clear return to form. From the sounds of things, the creative team is committed to a similar goal. Hopes are high, and this massive franchise is coming in for a landing.

Last week, there was an update about Indiana Jones 5 as Harrison Ford got back to filming. Mads Mikkelsen was also present in some set photos as well. Ford's last time in the iconic fedora will not see Steven Spielberg behind the camera. Mangold is more than up for the challenge tho. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Toby Jones, Antonia Banderas, and more are along for some star power. In those Daily Mail pictures, there's a wedding of some sort going on. Mikkelsen in particular is dressed in a grey suit and a summer hat. So, the exclusive event seems to be a part of the storyline in some capacity. More details will continue to spread as the release date inches closer.

Mangold was absolutely elated about getting to mold such an iconic character in Ford's last appearance. Last year, he spoke with about the task at hand. 

"I can't comment on anything like that," the director said. "But like in all my work, I'm always trying to find an emotional center to operate from," Mangold explained. "I think the most important thing is, in an age when franchises have become a commodity, that serving the same thing again. At least for me, in the dances I've had with any franchises, serving the same thing again, the same way, usually just produces a longing for the first time you ate it. Meaning, it makes an audience wish that they just had the first one over again. So you have to push something to someplace new, while also remembering the core reasons why everyone was gathered. And to use Logan as an example of that, when you're dealing in a world of a very pressured franchise."

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