The Invisible Man Star Weighs in on Possible Franchise Future

Following the disappointments of Dracula Untold and The Mummy, it seemed like attempting to revive [...]

Following the disappointments of Dracula Untold and The Mummy, it seemed like attempting to revive some of horror's most iconic monsters was a lost cause, only for this year's The Invisible Man to prove how much life there was in the concept, with star of the reboot Elisabeth Moss hoping that fans of the reinvention will make their voices loud and clear if they want another film in the series. Universal Pictures has already witnessed the potential of reviving their monsters, with reports having emerged that a new Dracula and a new The Wolf Man would be moving forward, though the future of The Invisible Man is a little less certain.

"Look, if people want it that's kind of a big part of what we need in order to do it," Moss confirmed with Bloody Disgusting. "So put the word out there that you want it and then I'll help!"

The world of horror has regularly returned to familiar faces in hopes of reviving classic characters for new generations, often with mixed results. While 2014's Dracula Untold wasn't a complete disappointment, given the low stakes of the endeavor, the 2017 The Mummy was meant to kick off a series of big-budget remakes of the famous roster of monsters. That film's financial and critical disappointments prevented the planned Bride of Frankenstein from moving forward, seemingly ending their "Dark Universe" after its first entry.

What made writer/director Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man such a success is that, in addition to a captivating performance from Moss, the film completely reimagined the tropes of a man uncovering the key to invisibility to tell a tale that was both highly ambitious but also entirely grounded in reality. Another key component of the film's success is that it was a contained adventure as opposed to a film that was meant to set up a number of sequels and spinoffs.

Even months after its critical and financial success, Whannell isn't sure if he's interested in a sequel.

"Well, I'll say this, I never — [producer] Jason [Bum] knows this about me — I never think about sequels when I'm making a film because it's so hard to make one good movie, so I feel like it's an impossible task to start thinking about what it's going to spin off into," Whannell shared with "And I have made movies that have spawned many sequels, writing the first Saw movie, and Insidious, so probably, to the viewer, it may seem like I'm thinking in terms of franchises, but I never am. Ever, ever, ever. And this is that. So, I don't know, but I know that Jason wants to know where it's going."

Producer Blum added, "Yes, I do, I ask Leigh every day, where this is going. Every day, and I never get a straight answer."

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of The Invisible Man.

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