Iron Man 3 New Trailer Detailed Description

While there have already been a couple brief overviews of the new Iron Man 3 trailer surface [...]

Iron Man 3 Trailer Description

While there have already been a couple brief overviews of the new Iron Man 3 trailer surface online, we've compiled a very detailed description of what happens in the second theatrical Iron Man 3 trailer, which will be released online on March 5, 2013. The trailer opens with Pepper Potts sitting on the bed and then a shot of Tony Stark in a black tank top. After the Marvel logo flashes on the screen, the scene switches to the Capitol building. The President is shown walking toward Air Force One. There is a brief flash of what appears  to be The Mandarin hanging dog tags on a sword hilt. The President is making some type of announcement on TV. Iron Patriot lands in front of a red carpet surrounded by military personnel. The President turns and looks, and Iron Patriot salutes the President. There is an explosion at what looks to be the TCL Chinese Theatre. Someone in ripped pants is walking through fiery rubble. The Mandarin flips down his hood revealing a Captain America tattoo on the back of his neck. James Rhodey in air force uniform turns and looks at someone. Tony Stark in t-shirt with arc reactor glowing turns and looks at someone. There is a quick close-up of The Mandarin's rings. The scene shifts to Air Force One in flight. Suddenly, there is hole in the side of Air Force One, and people are getting sucked out. People are falling through the sky. Tony Stark is walking out of a hospital as reporters rush in around him. Two shadowy figures are visiting a makeshift memorial. Aldrich Killian is talking to someone. Tony Stark is slumped over and walking away from the reporters. A sports car zooms away from the reporters, presumable it's Tony Stark inside. Tony Stark is walking up to a view of the ocean. Pepper Potts is arriving home at the Malibu Mansion. Tony Stark is standing in front of the Hall of Armors and pointing at Pepper Potts. Pepper Potts has a concerned look on her face. Helicopters are flying toward Tony Stark's Malibu mansion. The helicopters fire on the Malibu mansion. Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and Maya Hansen turn in surprise. Missiles hit the Malibu Mansion, and the armor in Tony Stark's Hall of Armor starts to explode. Pepper Potts is sent flying through the air. Pieces of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit are flying to him and assembling. The Malibu mansion falls into the ocean. Iron Man can be seen holding onto a ledge, before falling into the water. Iron Man is flat on his back in the snow. Tony Stark starts removing his armor. Pepper Potts is looking at a damaged Iron Man helmet. The Mandarin is turning to look at someone. The Mandarin is raising his arms up into the air. Tony Stark is looking up in the snow. There is an explosion, and Pepper Potts is trapped in some type of harness. Iron Patriot is shown, and there are more explosions. The Mandarin is wearing sunglasses. The scene changes to the port. Aldrich Killian is in a white suit and entering a lab where people are being restrained in harnesses. Tony Stark is talking to the press. Someone is welding an Iron Man suit. Tony Stark is undergoing an operation. Gunfire and then more explosions at the port. Pepper Potts appears to be in the middle of the explosions. Iron Man is rescuing the passengers that fell from Air Force One. Tony Stark again talking to the press. There is a brief closeup of Iron Man raising his hand, which then flashes to The Mandarin raising his arms. Tony Stark is running, and he appears to leap into some Iron Man armor mid-air. After the Iron Man 3 logo flashes, Tony Stark and James Rhodey are standing side-by-side. Several suits of armor are flying toward the port. The armors line up in formation side-by-side in the air. Tony Stark and James Rhodey turn to look at explosions and smoke. What appears to be Hulkbuster armor comes crashing through a wall. The End.