Is Jurassic World's T-Rex The Same One From Jurassic Park?

Among the dinosaurs listed as being part of the Jurassic World park are, of course, a tyrannosaurus rex.

This particular T-Rex, though, has a bit of big-screen history behind it.

An Imgur user noticed that the scars depicted on the neck of the tyrannosaurus on the official Jurassic World website seem to match up with injuries sustained by the tyrannosaurus who saved Alan, Ellie and the kids from raptors in the third act of Jurassic Park.

There's been some rumblings that the T-Rex could be a major player in the plot of the new film, potentially serving as a natural opponent to the artificially-created dinosaur who serves as the movie's main antagonist. This wouldn't be all that surprising, given that Jurassic World has taken great pains so far to try and invoke the first film. The initial teaser for the trailer featured the ripples in cups of water visual from Jurassic Park, while the trailer itself had callbacks to a handful of shots from the first movie as well.

Paleontologists speculate that T-Rex probably lived between 20 and 30 years, achieving full size around age 20. With Jurassic Park coming out almost exactly 22 years before Jurassic World, that puts our "hero" T-Rex well within that speculated age range, assuming that nothing about the life expectancy had changed as a result of the genetic tinkering that resurrected the Jurassic Park dinosaurs to begin with.