Shay Mitchell Wants to Play Female Version of James Bond

The character of James Bond has become an iconic part of our pop culture, and it sounds like Shay [...]

The character of James Bond has become an iconic part of our pop culture, and it sounds like Shay Mitchell wouldn't mind carrying on that legacy.

In a recent interview with CinePOP, Mitchell was asked if there were any superhero movie roles she would want to play. As the Possession of Hannah Grace actress revealed, she would be willing to play "Jane Bond", a theoretical female version of James Bond.

"I don't even know [which] superhero." Mitchell explained. "Oh my gosh, there's so many. I feel like, especially for a stunt role, I'd want to play, like, Jane Bond. It was James Bond, let's do Jane Bond!"

While the actress is perhaps best known for her time on Pretty Little Liars, films like Hannah Grace have apparently helped her gravitate towards more action-based roles.

"Oh I'd love to. Are you kidding? Action, that's my favorite. And especially with this movie too, any of these stunt scenes, I was able to do myself. So I really enjoyed getting to do that.

Mitchell is just the latest actress to have some sort of ties to "Jane Bond", with Gillian Anderson and Emilia Clarke both entertaining the possibility in the past. There is one sort of caveat with that, however, as those with ties to the James Bond license have spoken against the idea of "Jane Bond".

"Bond is male," executive producer Barbara Broccoli said earlier this year. "He's a male character. He was written as a male and I think he'll probably stay as a male. And that's fine. We don't have to turn male characters into women. Let's just create more female characters and make the story fit those female characters."

"Look at the way the world has changed," Broccoli continued. "And I think Bond has come through and transformed with the times. I've tried to do my part, and I think particularly with the Daniel [Craig] films, they've become much more current in terms of the way women are viewed."

While it's unclear if we will ever eventually get a female James Bond on the big screen, it sounds like some fans might not be completely on board with that possibility yet. A recent poll revealed that only 37% of people were on board with a woman playing the character, compared to 63% of people wanting Idris Elba or another man of color playing the role.

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