Idris Elba Denies Desire For James Bond Role

Idris Elba has shot down rumors that he's in the running to be James Bond again this week. At the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Associated Press saw the Luther star get asked about the 007 franchise. In his answer to a question about the upcoming film, Elba took the opportunity to try and scuttle those rumors before they got any traction. Anytime a report around the Bond series possibly casting another actor takes hold, the Beast star's name seems to bubble up out of the ether. 007 producer Barbara Broccoli has had to field Elba questions almost constantly for years now. Despite the star's best efforts to put those fires out before they can get roaring again. Check out what he had to say right here.

The actor said, "You know, a lot of people talk about another character that begins with 'J' and ends with 'B,' but I'm not going to be that guy. I'm going to be John Luther. That's who I am."

Will The Elba Speculation Ever Stop When It Comes To James Bond?

Not too long ago, Elba was a guest on Jemele Hill's podcast where he was asked about the constant swirl of speculation surrounding his involvement. He tried to set the record straight right there and then. But, here we are today having the exact same conversations.

"I have no more answers for it. I just tell people 'aw, don't ask me that.' Because a lot of times it's really lazy journalism," he said on Unbothered. "And people try to use it as clickbait like 'what's he gonna say this time?' I try to say the same things. Every now and then I just tease them, but every now and then I'll give them some philosophy on why I don't want to do it or why it's a rumor. But most times now I tend not to talk about it."

Talking to LeBron James on The Shop, the beloved actor said that playing 007 wouldn't really satisfy his career goals like that. Yes it would be fun to play an iconic part, but he isn't angling to be included in this round of recasting for James Bond after Daniel Craig's departure. 

"I'm not gonna lie, every corner of the world I go — and I'm talking about different cultures — they always go: 'Bond!' It is not a goal for my career," Elba explained to his friend when asked about all that fan attention. "I don't think that, you know, playing Bond will satisfy some of my personal goals."

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