James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 List Started Out At 500+ Songs

Gunn, like the rest of the world was shocked that a mixtape of 70's songs would be able to do so [...]

Gunn, like the rest of the world was shocked that a mixtape of 70's songs would be able to do so well, saying in an interview with Rolling Stone, "Maybe that childhood spent locked in my room listening to pop hits on FM radio wasn't all for waste."

When James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy first came out - it was the first comic book movie soundtrack that people really ran to the stories to buy, so much so that it hit number one on the Billboard 200. Back in 2014 Billboard.com reported "The blockbuster film's set, subtitled Awesome Mix Vol. 1, sold 109,000 copies in the week ending Aug. 10 (up 83 percent), according to Nielsen SoundScan. It debuted a week ago at No. 3 with 60,000."

In an interview with MamaSmiths.com Gunn admitted that he has more than enough songs ready to fill dozens of sountracks.

"I have a list of about 500 songs which I think of as Guardians-type songs that Meredith Quill might really love. When I'm writing the script, I put the songs into the script where they seem to fit. Sometimes I don't have a song that seems right on that list, so I have to go out and search, and listen to a bunch of stuff, and see what I like. It's all basically baked into the organic story of what's happening in the movie in the same way you put sugar in a cake."

That's not to say though that he ignores your continual tweets proclaiming "This is the perfect song for Guardians!"

"There's nothing I get more tweets about than 'you [should] put this song in Guardians of the Galaxy.' They're always songs that I know really well, because I've studied my Seventies music – especially since starting on this series." You can find out what song made it into the film and more over at MamaSmiths.com for the full interview.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is now packing theaters, grossing $145million over opening weekend so it's no surprise that it currently stands at #3 on ComicBook.com's All-Time Comic Movies with a 88.01 and a 4.70 out of 5 from fans.

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