Jason Statham Says Anybody Could Do A Marvel Movie

Statham Shotgun

During an interview in support of his new movie Spy, The Transporter star Jason Statham said that he has "no ambition" to do "modern" action films like Marvel Studios', which he claims take the skill and craft out of action filmmaking.

The actor, recently reported to be in talks for the role of Bullseye in Daredevil's second season, name-dropped Marvel particularly before launching into a critique of effects-heavy action blockbusters.

"I could take my grandma, and put her in a cape and then put her in a green screen and then have stunt doubles come in and do all the action -- anybody can do it," Statham told Italian site I 400 Calci. "They're relying on stunt doubles and green screen and $200 million budget. It's all CGI-created. To me, that is not authentic."

You can see the interview below.


Spy opens this weekend. Statham is reported to be deep in talks for Bullseye -- a role that would have to be cast in the next few months in order to start shooting in time for its 2016 release.