Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie Trailer Debuts Online

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Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes provide commentary and background on Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, in a trailer that's only mostly trailer, since you get a full minute into the three-minute video before you see a single frame from the flick. Fans of Smith's raunchy, pot-addled duo will likely find much to be enthusiastic about in the trailer, which gives a look at Bluntman and Chronic, Dante and Randal, the Quick Stop and even RST Video (which, yes, is still in business in the movie, even though Yelp indicates that it isn't in the real world). The animation itself leaves a bit to be desired, as a comparably small production budget and an Internet-based animator seem to have set Jay and Bob up in a world populated by the same flash animation that populates fan videos all over the Internet...but that will likely be forgiven by fans eager to see the pair suit up as superheroes and square off against supervillains. Yep. Check out the official summary and trailer below.

When they can no longer stomach the ever-growing weed of suburban crime, Jay and Silent Bob take on the mantles of costumed avengers Bluntman and Chronic, smashing the super-villains they accidentally create! Can the Doobage Duo save their beloved Jersey 'burbs from their new arch enemies, the League of Shitters? While clearly not the comic book movie the world wants, GROOVY MOVIE is the comic book movie the world needs! Starring the voice talents of Jason Mewes, Eliza Dushku, Ralph Garman, Ben Gleib, Tara Strong, Jennifer Schwalbach, Jon Lovitz, Neil Gaiman, Ray William Johnson, Scott Mosier, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Brian Quinn, Ming Chen, Michael Zapcic, Kevin Conroy, Brian "Comichead" Faraldo, Jensen Karp, and Kevin Smith. Produced by Jason Mewes. Directed by Steve Stark.