John Boyega Endorses Fanart of Himself as DC's Red Hood

Ever since becoming a household name in Star Wars' sequel trilogy of films, the movie world has been eager to see what John Boyega's onscreen future looks like. That has especially been the case in recent weeks, after Boyega did a lengthy interview chronicling the racism and other complications he experienced while playing Finn in the Star Wars galaxy. Late last month, Boyega took to Twitter to express that he has an interest in playing Jason Todd / Red Hood in some sort of DC project, an idea that fans quickly got on board with. Boyega himself still seems pretty jazzed by the idea, as he retweeted and shared kind words for a piece of fanart imagining him as Red Hood.

The fanart in question shows Boyega's Jason Todd staring down at the Red Hood mask, complete with a solemn look and a white streak in his hair. While there isn't currently a confirmed DC film that Boyega could play Red Hood in - and another version of the character is set to debut in the next season of Titans - the fanart does a pretty swell job of visualizing what Boyega would look like in the iconic role.

“Yeah! Yeah, I’m ready for life after Star Wars,” Boyega joked to late last year. “After Star Wars, that’s when the check clears. Life after Star Wars is about to be lit. It’s bittersweet because of the connections we made on set, the amazing people, important people to my life specifically Oscar [Issac] and Daisy [Ridley]. Now, I’m ready to see our relationships grow and flourish in the real world.”

“I sat down with Marvel years ago, but that’s not the direction I want to go at all," Boyega continued. "You know, now I just finished Steve McQueen’s Small Axe. I’m also doing a movie called They Cloned Tyrone. I’m also doing a movie with Kevin Costner, which is much more action-based. Just trying to extend that versatility. Just spread it out and see what character I can morph into with character work. And go back to where I came from which is the indie world.”

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