Save 48% on the Interactive 'Jurassic World' Alpha Training Blue Velociraptor

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Alpha Training Blue toy is probably the closest you'll ever get [...]


The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Alpha Training Blue toy is probably the closest you'll ever get to having a dinosaur as a pet. It allows you to "train" and play with the Velociraptor Blue using an accelerometer-based remote control (like Owen's clicker). As you train, you'll unlock levels and Blue's behavior will improve. You can even reward her with treats and pets!

Blue can also be set to guard a specific location for movement. If it detects "prey", the controller will vibrate and you can issue appropriate commands. RC Mode allows you to control Blue's movement forward, backward, and side-to-side. Finally, Total Control Mode allows you to control Blue's eyes, mouth, and head with blinks, roars, and chomps.

In other words, the Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue is loaded with features, so it's not surprising that the price tag was a whopping $249.99 when it was first released. However, you can get it on Entertainment Earth for $129.99 with free shipping until the end of the day today, March 27th, or while supplies last. This is the lowest price that we've ever seen on this toy - even Amazon has never gone below $149.


On a related note, Mattel unveiled their Jurassic World lineup for 2019 at New York Toy Fair this past February, and the Destroy 'N Devour Indominus Rex was definitely the star of the show. That's not surprising given the fact that Indominus features buttons that articulate the mouth, activate sound effects, and allow it to bend over and consume 3 3/4-inch figures. There's even an LED in the throat that lights up so you can watch the unfortunate plastic victim slide down Indominus' throat. If that wasn't enough, there's another button that activates arm strikes and slashing sound effects.

If you're interested, pre-orders are live right here on Amazon for $39.99 with shipping slated for July 1st. Keep in mind that it's covered by their pre-order guarantee, so you won't be charged until it ships and you'll automatically get any discounts that occur between the time that you order and the release date.

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