Kevin Smith Backs Ronda Rousey For Captain Marvel Role

Kevin Smith has enlisted in the Carol Corps.

The famed director and comic book writer recently endorsed Ultimate Fighting Champion Ronda Rousey for the live-action role of Captain Marvel in Marvel Studios' upcoming Captain Marvel film. After Rousey recently said that she would love to play Carol Danvers, and then posted art of herself as the superheroine, support for the actress' Marvel Universe debut has gone viral. The support has grown so large, in fact, that it made it all the way to Kevin Smith.

Smith, a devout comic book fan himself, said that he thought Rousey would make for an excellent live-action Captain Marvel.

"Everyone knows that she's one of the only people that could play a superhero that could actually beat the #$*^ out of somebody," Smith told TMZ. "I would like to see it happen."

You can watch Smith share his full thoughts below.


Kevin Smith is on board, but what about you? Do you want Ronda Rousey to play Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on November 2, 2018.