Kevin Smith Reviews Bill & Ted Face The Music: "It's Wonderful"

Ahead of the release of Bill & Ted Face the Music, filmmaker and fan Kevin Smith has revealed that [...]

Ahead of the release of Bill & Ted Face the Music, filmmaker and fan Kevin Smith has revealed that he's already seen the movie! While appearing on his latest FatMan Beyond podcast, the director alluded to the fact that not only will be be hosting a virtual panel for the movie during the Comic-Con@Home event next month but that he's gotten to see the movie early. "I saw a movie today, and it was f***ing wonderful," Smith said. "Now, I was blazed, high as a kit as the kids used to say and stuff like that, on the weed...So I was fully weeded up when I sat down to get to view this movie. I saw Bill & Ted Face the Music and it is f***ing wonderful. It is adorable."

He added, "I hope that doesn't sound dismissive, I need everyone to remember unlike say Cheech & Chong or what are the other guys, Jay and Silent Bob, those cats were R-Rated movies. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is as 'you can watch it with your family' as it gets. Knowing that going into this, that's kind of important, it's a family film, it's wonderful. It's absolutely adorable, they stuck the landing."

Smith attributed the success of the three film franchise to having the same screenwriters across each of the movies, Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon, calling the character's "their babies." Despite the jokes throughout the new film, and Smith reiterating that it's a comedy, he also revealed it made him emotional.

"It was just delightful," Smith continued. "I came out of my office by the time the credits, you've got to watch the whole thing as well, and I was all fucking moist-faced and my wife was like 'What did you watch?' And I was like 'Can you believe it? Bill & Ted.' And she was like 'Seriously, are you high?' I was like 'I am but it's also, they did it.'"

Details on when the Bill & Ted Face the Music Comic-Con panel will take place has not yet been revealed, but the digital event will be held on the same dates as the previously canceled San Diego Comic-Con, July 22-26. Official panel details will likely be released soon as we approach the official dates.

Starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter once again as the titular duo, Bill & Ted Face the Music will be released by United Artists in hit theaters on August 14th.