Knives Out Blu-ray Slipcover Secretly Spoils the Movie

Rian Johnson's hit comedy-mystery 'whodunnit' Knives Out has officially arrived on home media this [...]

Rian Johnson's hit comedy-mystery "whodunnit" Knives Out has officially arrived on home media this week with its release on DVD, blu-ray, and 4K. Though not a traditional murder mystery, Johnson's film does share a DNA with films of that nature and has its fair share of twists, turns, and reveals. For viewers that are blind buying the movie there's a slim chance that they might have it spoiled for them by none other than the packaging that the film comes in. As pointed out by Reddit user /u/Feelthedosty, if fans who pick up the 4K version of the film accidentally put the film's slipcase on backwards it will reveal one of the film's big twists.

It should go without saying but, Spoiler warning!

Seen below is the Best Buy exclusive steelbook of the film whose slipcase includes the trademark "knife display" from the movie, a circular motif featuring hundreds of knives in a circular, halo pattern. As pointed out, if you put this slipcase on backwards then the knife display from the movie will explicitly point at Chris Evans character, spoiling that his character is the one behind the death of his grandfather in the film.

***Warning! Spoiler alert for Knives Out*** Reversing the slipcover does this. from r/dvdcollection

In addition to its hilarious reveal of the movie's twist, this edition of the movie should already be a must own for fans of the movie. The film's steelbook packaging has the aesthetic of a paperback mystery and takes it a step further by including Christopher Plummer's character's name, Harlan Thrombey, along the spine just like a book. It also features the logo for "Blood Like Wine," the publishing company owned by Thrombey's character in the film to complete the look. Check out a full photo of it below!

knives out blu
(Photo: Lionsgate)

After Knives Out debuted to rave reviews and huge box office, bringing in over $305 million worldwide, Lionsgate and Rian Johnson are moving forward with a sequel. Johnson previously revealed that, with the upcoming sequel, we'll get an all-new investigation featuring Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc as opposed to seeing the specific narrative of Knives Out explored even further.

"This'll be another Poirot novel. This'll be just like what Agatha Christie did," Johnson told Vulture. "It's disconnected from Knives Out. It's just another case."

While both Johnson and Craig are excited about developing a sequel, the filmmaker previously shared that the priority was finding a story worth telling.

"There's a lot that has to happen: First and foremost, I have to write a script that's worth a damn, so we'll see," Johnson admitted to EW. "I don't want to jump the gun, but it's something I would love to do. First of all, because I had so much fun working with Daniel, and second, just because of the idea of doing the same thing that Agatha Christie did with Poirot and Miss Marple — just doing a whole different deal with Benoit Blanc as the detective. The possibilities of that seem endless in a way that's really exciting."

Stay tuned for details on the Knives Out sequel.

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