Lindsay Lohan Addresses Possibility of Mean Girls 2

It's been 18 years since Mean Girls was released, but there's no denying that the teen comedy remains a pop culture force. The film continues to be a cult classic and still inspires everything from internet memes to real world merchandise. The film even got that Broadway musical treatment at one point and a made-for-television sequel on then-ABC Family in 2011. But the idea of a real sequel with the original cast is something that people have asked about for years and now, Lindsay Lohan is addressing the possibility — though it might not exactly be what fans want to hear.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in support of her new movie, Falling for Christmas, Lohan was asked about Mean Girls 2, Lohan said that the sequel wasn't in her hands.

"It's in Tina Fey's hands," Lohan said.

While that may not exactly be the answer fans want to hear, it is a fair one. Fey wrote the original film, which was based on Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman. Fey also appeared in the film as Ms. Sharon Norbury. Currently, there do not appear to be plans in place for a sequel film. Lohan has previously said that she'd be interested in one.

"If anyone has asked for this more than I have, please tell me," Lohan said in 2019. "I've said so many times, and so many people have asked me, and I think we'd have so much fun doing it. Tina and Lorne [Michaels] are so amazing and to bring everyone back together would be great. Last time I was in New York, I went up to Lorne, and I was like, 'Please!' It's in their hands."

Lindsay Lohan's Netflix Movie Falling For Christmas

A newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress (Lindsay Lohan) gets into a skiing accident, suffers from total amnesia and finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner (Chord Overstreet) and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.

As of this writing, Falling For Christmas has a 48% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics with 23 total reviews, naturally featuring the dreaded green splat. The Audience Score for the film however is much higher, holding strong at 73% from regular viewers of the Netflix original. Many of the critical reviews roast it for being just plain bad, likening it to a Hallmark original, though some seem eager to reveal they "get" the movie like Indiewire asking: "Is Falling for Christmas Lohan's Citizen Kane?"

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