Luca Has a Post-Credits Scene You Don't Want to Miss

Thanks to franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we live in [...]

Thanks to franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we live in the golden age of post-credits scenes in movies. So many big franchise films have scenes in the credits, and it has conditioned moviegoers to stick around through the credits of pretty much every movie, just to make sure they don't miss something. Most of the time there isn't anything there (though watching the credits is always worthwhile because movies are made by thousands of people and they all deserve to be recognized for their work). Luca, the new movie from Disney and Pixar, is actually the exception to the rule, as there's a scene at the very end of the credits you'll want to stick around for.

Luca isn't exactly a "spoiler" kind of movie, especially when it comes to the post-credits scene we're about to talk about, but we're going to warn you anyway. There are some Luca spoilers ahead, so get out while you can if you don't want to know anything about the movie.

Early on in the movie, when Luca's parents find out that he's been spending time on the surface, they threaten to send him to "the deep" with creepy Uncle Ugo (voiced by the hilarious Sacha Baron Cohen). Ugo is a translucent sea monster with an eerie smile and absolutely no social skills. When he's introduced to Luca, he talks about how fun it is in the deep because they get to eat bits of whale carcass that fall through the darkness.

Ugo doesn't appear again in the film, which may be a disappointment to some considering just how funny his scene is. However, those who patiently sit through the credits will get to see Ugo return for one more conversation.

In the scene, Ugo is talking to one of the sheep fish from Luca's farm, who apparently followed him down to the deep. Ugo explains that he loves to talk and that a perk of living in the deep is listening to him talk to himself for hours on end. He only stops when a bit of whale carcass falls in front of him and he pauses to gobble it up.

This scene doesn't tease a potential Luca sequel or anything like that, but it is incredibly funny and gives audiences another chance to see Ugo in all his disgusting glory.

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