Man Of Steel Spoiler: Young Clark Kent Was Bullied

0commentsYoung Clark Kent was bullied

In the comic books, Pete Ross is Clark Kent's childhood best friend. There have been various stories as to how Pete Ross and Clark became friends over the years. The initial version of their friendship revolved around Pete Ross secretly learning Clark Kent was Superboy on a camping trip. Pete used his knowledge to help Clark Kent slip away to deal with emergencies. In the Man of Steel movie, it looks like Pete Ross will actually be a bully who initially picks on a young Clark Kent. has an article about how Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder spoke to teen actor Jack Foley about Art Center. The article also describes Jack Foley as "a teen actor whose character in the film bullies a young Clark Kent before the two become friends." According to IMDB, Jack Foley is playing the role of Pete Ross at 13 years old. Of course, it's unclear from this brief description exactly how big a deal will be made of the bullying in the Man Of Steel. However, it could be an interesting and powerful message that even Superman was bullied as a kid.