Mark Millar: Black Human Torch Would Be

Asked whether he's spoken to Josh Trank about the possibility of casting Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in his forthcoming adaptation of Fantastic Four, "To be honest, I don't know, I only read that stuff online and I haven't actually asked Josh," Millar told Crave Online. "I meant to ask him. I think it would be tricky to have one member of the Storm family black and one white. Is he adopted? I don't know how you would play that."

Of course, every time this conversation comes up, there are a handful of adopted people, or adoption advocates, that chime in to note that the "not a real sibling" comment is a false and offensive dichotomy. Millar, who serves as a consultant for Fox and is reportedly serving as a kind of continuity maven for their Marvel Comics licenses, might have his concerns but at least he's open to the idea, provided Trank could make it work. "It just has to be good,"

Millar said. "I think that it's important sometimes to be beholden to the comics, because I think sometimes the comics is what makes it work. Marvel has been very clever like that. If you like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, you're going to like Marvel movies. But sometimes mixing up the ethnicities works.


It worked with Sam Jackson when we did it in The Ultimates, it worked in the movies subsequently as well."