Marvel's Alligator Loki Almost Looked Very Different

Loki almost had Alligator Loki looking quite a bit different in the Disney+ show. In the new book, Marvel Studios' Loki: The Art of the Series, a couple of different designs for for the reptilian Asgardian are shown off. In the pictures, they tried out versions of Alligator Loki with short horns, long horns, and a some in-between. It's fun to think about, especially with how much of a stir the reptile caused when he appeared midway through the show. Tom Hiddleston's trickster god was always going to have variants in the series, but a lot of fans wondered how far Marvel would be willing to push the envelope. Check out the different Gator Loki looks right here.

As head writer Michael Waldron confirmed at the time, Alligator Loki was an original creation, which came about through very specific means.

"We were talking about [how] we want to meet many different versions of Loki in this show," Waldron explained when asked about the popular variant. "I was just like, there should be an Alligator Loki. And it's like, well, why? Because he's green. It's so stupid, but it also makes total sense. You almost have to take it seriously, like maybe he is [a Loki]? Why shouldn't there be an alligator version of Loki? For all we know, that's an alligator universe or whatever. It's just the sort of irreverent thing that, in this show, we play straight and make the audience take it seriously."

How Did Regular Loki React

Hiddleston himself had to answer questions about the fairest Loki Variant of them all. During a Q+A session with Tumblr, the star of the Disney+ series couldn't deny that he was confronted with the best version of his character.

"OK, well, you know, what can I say? I've been toiling away at this character going on for 11 years. And I have given everything I can only to be upstaged, perhaps inevitably, by the one true Loki, the superior Loki, which is Alligator Loki," he laughed. "You know I sort of knew it was coming. I felt I was going to be substituted at some point. And I'm glad it's finally happened. Alligator Loki has arrived. And, yeah, thrown his hat down. And the rest of us simply have to get out of the way at this point."

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