Marvel Holds Guardians Of Galaxy Screening In Afghanistan, Distributes Challenge Coins

A user on Reddit revealed today that Marvel Studios held a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy for U.S. military in Afghanistan.

Additionally, those who attended the screening also received special Guardians of the Galaxy challenge coins.

Take a look:

For those who don't know, challenge coins are coins given to service men and women to denote membership. Servicemen and women can give their coins to a peer for excelling at their job. All branches of military use them, and members are generally expected to have one on hand at all times.

They are used for a game in which, while at a bar or other drinking establishment, a "challenger" can pull out a coin and slam it on the table. Anyone else drinking with the person has to meet the challenge by pulling out their own coin. Anyone without a coin has to buy the next round. If everybody has a coin, then the challenger buys.


Guardians of the Galaxy is now playing in theaters.