Minnie Driver Says She's Not Interested in a Good Will Hunting Sequel (Exclusive)

Reboots, revivals, and sequels years — even decades — after the first film's release have been a major entertainment moment in recent years as beloved films get a new chance to shine with fresh stories. And moviegoers have been loving it. Two long-awaited sequels, Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick, were both massive box office successes and fans have no shortage of other films they'd like to see sequels to. Among those is Good Will Hunting and while fans have long been hopeful for a follow-up, one doesn't appear to be in the works — and for star Minnie Driver, it's a sequel that simply isn't necessary.

Speaking with ComicBook.com in support of her new scripted podcast series, The Lesser Dead, Driver said that Good Will Hunting is just a film that needs to exist and should be left alone.

"I think that movie needs to exist. I think I understand that it is so current to do that. I think some things should just remain beautiful and perfect in their existence," Driver said. "And I just... I don't know. Like I'd want to see a sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank. I'd want to see what... I mean, I know Barry kind of covered a lot of territory about what happens to hitmen who try and get out and then end up not being able to get out. But I think Good Will Hunting, I think that should be left alone."

Driver wasn't entirely opposed to the idea of sequels for beloved films, however. She mentioned that there have been discussions about a follow up to 1995's Circle of Friends.

"I mean it's delicious thinking that you can answer a story and see where people are. We've been talking actually about Circle of Friends, about making a sequel to Circle of Friends, which I would really, I think that would also be kind of amazing."

Will there be a sequel to Good Will Hunting?

While there has been desire by fans for a follow-up to Good Will Hunting, nothing has materialized — and according to Affleck, that is intentional. In a recent interview with Variety, Affleck confirmed that he and Damon were pitched a sequel for Good Will Hunting, but it isn't a good enough idea to actually make a reality.

"It's not [a sequel] we're gonna pursue," Affleck explained. "I mean, it's an idea of what might happen.... It's not a sequel we're gonna pursue."

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