MPAA Agrees To Change Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers To PG-13 Rating

Kevin Smith wins again!...Against the MPAA, that is.In Smith's career, he had previously argued [...]

yoga hosers

Kevin Smith wins again!

...Against the MPAA, that is.

In Smith's career, he had previously argued down two NC-17 ratings to R-ratings (both without cuts made to the film) and an R to a PG-13...but after getting the ratings commission to come around on his new film Yoga Hosers, you can add another R-to-PG-13 transformation to his resume.

Yoga-Hosers, which Smith describes as a "goofy, girl-power monster movie," had been rated R, apparently for a drawing of genitals which appears on a library book in the movie. Smith voiced his frustration with the rating last week and vowed to challenge the decision. He filed an appeal...but the MPAA contacted Smith to say they didn't require one, and that they had simply re-watched the film and agreed it shoudl have been PG-13.

The film, which is currently making the rounds on the festival circuit, will go out on tour with Kevin Smith over the summer, ahead of a planned theatrical release. It's a follow-up to the hard-R Tusk.