Charlie Cox Thinks Daredevil Will Be Recast For Marvel Studios

By the time Netflix pulled the plug on all shows in Marvel Television's The Defenders stable, each show across the board was firing on all cylinders — from Daredevil to Iron Fist, The Punisher, and beyond. The thing about those characters, however, is that they're each a juggernaut in the Marvel mythos. If we're divvying up the characters to "lists," per se, Daredevil would likely make the Marvel A-list in the grand scheme of things. Even then, Marvel Studios has expressed previous interest in doing films for both Iron Fist/Danny Rand and Power Man/Luke Cage.

That's why it's but a matter of time before the characters make their way back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially the Man Without Fear. When the character and his expansive supporting cast arrive back at Marvel Studios, the question remains — will the Netflix cast still be on board? Better yet, will Marvel Studios cast the same actors in the same roles? According to Daredevil himself Charlie Cox, he thinks Marvel Studios might be better off recasting all the roles.

"I think the likelihood is, I think you'll definitely see Daredevil again," Cox tells us. "I just think the best bet for them, in the unlikely nature of being able to get all of us together again, it should be a whole new team, and, you know, start again."

Some might say Cox is the definitive Daredevil and to that, the actor points out another major character the Marvel machine has had recasting. "You know, why not? And, they do it with Spider-Man all the time. I keep consuming that stuff 'cause I love it," the actor adds.

Just prior, Cox had been telling us the difficulties of wrangling all the actors back in, especially when it comes to the lengthy contracts in the world of television.

"But when you make a television show, it's so complicated, and people's schedules are so difficult, and contracts are so difficult," he said. "So that's why when, as an actor, when you sign onto a TV show, you sign six years of your life away. Because, if you don't do that, it becomes too complicated to try and get all these moving pieces."

Our chat with Cox comes in support of the #QuarantineWatchParty of Daredevil we're hosting Thursday night. Joining us include showrunner Erik Oleson and actors Vincent D'Onofrio, Deborah Ann Woll, Wilson Bethel, Amy Rutberg, Jay Ali, and Geof Cantor amongst others. If you want to take part in it, gear up Season Three, Episode Four ("Blindsided") and press play right at 9 p.m. Eastern. Be sure to tweet along on Twitter with the #Daredevil and #QuarantineWatchParty hashtags to follow along!


Cover photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA