New Trailer for Beanie Babies Documentary The Beanie Bubble Released

Back in the 1990s, Beanie Babies — small, plush toys that were stuffed with plastic pellets and came in seemingly countless animal styles — were a massive craze. The small toys saw collectors going to great lengths to acquire them and drove a secondary market for the toys where specific varieties and styles sold for thousands and thousands of dollars until the crazy ended and left many collectors with huge collections worth virtually nothing and, in some cases, left collectors in massive debt. The story of the Beanie Baby crazy is being told in a new documentary from the Nacelle Company, the studio behind The Toys That Made Us, The Movies That Made Us and more and now, the trailer for The Beanie Bubble is offering a new look at the incredible story of one of the biggest fads of our time.

The Beanie Bubble, which comes to Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Comcast, Google Play, YouTube, and more on December 6th, follows the unbelievable tale of America's most fascinating phenomenon — Beanie Babies. Flashing back to the '90s and the early 2000s, the documentary takes an in-depth look at how the era-defining zeitgeist came to be, the mysterious man behind the mania, and the lives that were forever changed in its wake. The Beanie Bubble is not simply a retelling, but an exploration of the American Dream and what makes all people susceptible to buying into a fantasy. The Beanie Bubblenot to be confused with an upcoming feature film of the same name starring Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks — is co-produced by Whiskey Bear Inc and produced by Brian Volk-Weiss, Anna Roberts, Ben J. Murphy, Saxon Richardson, and Ben Kitnick, who also directed the film.

"This film was truly a journey to make, with twists and turns reminiscent of the Beanie Baby craze itself. Our North Star was aiming to tell a story that was far more than that of a children's toy, but rather a story about people. I can confidently say that you will laugh and cry, and I cannot wait for people to see this wild documentary!" Kitnick said in a statement.

"Watching this documentary is like taking a time machine back to the 90s Beanie Babies boom. It's nostalgia at its finest, and we're excited for you all to enjoy it!" said Nacelle Company Founder and CEO, Brian Volk-Weiss.

The Beanie Bubble debuts on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Comcast, Google Play, YouTube, and more on December 6th.

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