'Pacific Rim Uprising' Director Teases The Film's Japanese Influences

In just a few months, audiences will get to experience Pacific Rim Uprising on the big screen. And according to the film's director, quite a few pieces of Japanese pop culture helped bring Uprising to life.

During a recent interview at Tokyo Comic Con, Steven DeKnight revealed what films and shows served as a personal influence for his touch on Uprising.

"I grew up watching Ultraman... Space Giants, which is called Ambassador Magma here." DeKnight revealed. "Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. And of course all of the classic man in suit movies starting with the original Godzilla... Gamera. I loved all of that as a kid."

As DeKnight explained, being able to evoke the movies and television shows that he loved so much in Uprising was a pretty unique experience.

"It was really a childhood dream to be able to do that today with the technology that we have," DeKnight added.

Uprising will serve as a sequel to Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, and will follow a new generation of jaeger pilots in their fight against the Kaiju. While the film's cast includes new additions like John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, and Cailee Spaeny, quite a few alums from the first film will be reappearing as well. In particular, DeKnight mentioned Rinko Kikuchi, who starred in the first film as Mako Mori.

"I've been a huge fan of hers ever since I saw her on Babel." DeKnight explained. "I loved her in the first Pacific Rim movie and the chance to bring Mako Mori back again for the second movie was a true honor."

If Uprising is well received, there's a chance that DeKnight could get a chance to further develop the film's universe. The plan is to continue the two films into a larger franchise, one that could possibly intersect with Legendary's Godzilla and King Kong film franchises.

Pacific Rim Uprising opens in theaters on March 23rd, 2018.