Raya and the Last Dragon Has a Well-Hidden Moana Easter Egg

Disney has been known to hide little Easter eggs and nods to its previous films in many of its new releases, and Raya and the Last Dragon is no different. The newest movie from Disney Animation Studios takes place in its own unique place, making crossover Easter eggs feel a little impossible, but the team behind Raya and the Last Dragon still found a way to carry on the tradition, hiding a little callback to Moana in the middle of the film.

When Raya heads to the land of Talon, searching for the pieces of the dragon gem, she makes her way through a marketplace full of vendors and customers. If you look closely, you can see Hei Hei the rooster in the scene, standing next to a vendor's booth with a basket over his head.

hei hei moana raya and the last dragon
(Photo: Disney Animation Studios)

While the rooster looks unmistakably like Hei Hei, one could easily explain that it's just a similar style. However, Disney actually confirmed the appearance of Moana's rooster in a tweet last week, ahead of a social media watch party for Raya and the Last Dragon.

"Be on the lookout for a certain feathered friend from Moana in the marketplace," wrote the official Disney Animation twitter account.

To further confirm that it was indeed Hei Hei in Raya and the Last Dragon, the actor behind the rooster's sounds took to social media to talk about the cameo.


"Is Moana's favorite rooster, Hei Hei in Raya and the Last Dragon," Alan Tudyk asked on Twitter? "Why yes he is :) BAKAWWWWWWK!!!!"

Did you notice Hei Hei in Raya and the Last Dragon? What other Disney Easter eggs have you discovered? Let us know in the comments!