Rebel Moon is Already Planning Zack Snyder's Director's Cuts on Netflix

Snyder already has plans for bigger, more mature cuts of the movies

Rebel Moon announced on Tuesday with its trailer launch that it will be a two-part saga, dropping its first film in December of 2023 with April of 2024 seeing the follow-up. It won't stop there, though. Zack Snyder and Netflix are already planning to release extended director's cuts of both films. While the additional runtime of each film is unknown, the director's cuts of both Rebel Moon titles will definitely be longer and considerably more violent. In a trailer shown at a preview event for Rebel Moon, saw the red band edition of Rebel Moon's upcoming sci-fi fantasy mayhem and heard from Snyder on the plans.

"I can't help myself," Snyder half-joked, referencing his long-running history of director's cuts for films such as WatchmenBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The plan is to have these longer cuts on the release schedule intentionally, from the beginning this time. The director's cuts are not expecting to release on the same day as their respective Part in the Rebel Moon saga. "The hope is for it to come out down the road," Snyder said.

"It was cool because I think the one thing with Netflix was coming off Justice League, and look, I've done since Dawn of the Dead, I did a Director's Cut for Dawn... Watchmen. I have two, there's two Director's Cuts, which is crazy. Yeah, BvS, of course, is one of my favorites, of course. And Justice League, that goes without saying. And so, it was just cool in the initial conversation I was having with Netflix about just this concept of them saying like, 'Oh, well, why don't we make it part of the plan?' That makes it a lot easier," Snyder said. "There's a great history of director's cuts that are just cool. When I was in film school, I just always thought that was cool that there was this other movie that you could discover. And so, for me, there's a lot of... When you make a movie, you have a lot of voices in your own creative mind telling you what would be narratively just the strongest solution. And then, you have this other tug on you. I do anyway, that is like, 'Well, what if there's rabbit holes that are really amazing to go down and just kind of learn about different aspects of the characters?' For me, those have always been a thing that in the drawing when I draw the scenes or when I am writing the script, I always end up with a lot of that stuff that I feel like really tells the sort of deeper dive story."

Snyder estimates watching his director's cuts of the Rebel Moon films would be "a six hour sitting." The original intention for Rebel Moon is to make a PG-13 film which can be watched by a wider audience before Snyder's cuts up the ante. "I always said that what I'd do on the side will be just, I'm not going to consider rating, so it'll just be what it is, and it's a much different experience," Snyder said/ "I feel like the cool thing about the PG-13 version is you can watch it with the family, you considered it. Where the other version is much more like, you know..." The fate of the director's cuts seems to still have elements in flux, with Snyder still calling it a, "hope," and spitballing about a potential theatrical release for them, noting, though, there are currently no such plans.

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