Regal Announces Ultimate Ticket For Unlimited SPECTRE Viewings

Regal Entertainment Group has unveiled their new 'Ultimate Ticket' in anticipation of the [...]

Regal Entertainment Group has unveiled their new "Ultimate Ticket" in anticipation of the upcoming James Bond film: Spectre.

The first 1,000 people to order the Ultimate Ticket will be allowed to attend the new 007 movie once a day every day for the entirety of its theatrical run. Priced at $100, the ticket comes in the form of an anodized steel card with the Spectre logo laser etched into its face. Each card will also be personalized with the possessor's name.

According to the official rules, the ticket is good from Spectre's first showing on November 6. 2015 through June 6, 2016. That's a bit ambitious seeing as most films last about 10 weeks at the box office which still allows Ultimate Ticket holders to go out ad enjoy Spectre 70 times.

Check out the Spectre Ultimate Ticket offer from Regal on their website.