Saginaw Grant, Star of The Lone Ranger and Breaking Bad, Dies at 85

Saginaw Grant died at 85 and fans are sad about the passing of The Lone Ranger star. Younger [...]

Saginaw Grant died at 85 and fans are sad about the passing of The Lone Ranger star. Younger viewers might also know him from Breaking Bad. Lani Carmichael is Grant's publicist and confirmed the news with the AP. His cause of death is listed as natural causes. He was born in Oklahoma back in 1936 and was a common name in TV and on the big screen beginning in the 1980s. Roger Donaldson's The World's Fastest Indian was a big hit for Grant as was his stint with Johnny Depp. All the classic TV gigs were there too including Nash Bridges, Baywatch, The Last Frontier, and of course Breaking Bad. Also of great emotional weight to the star was his role as the hereditary chief of Oklahoma's Sac & Fox nation. He has been doing motivational speeches and appearances for years. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps. So, this was a life that took him all around the world for various engagements.

On his Facebook page, a statement reads, "It's with heavy hearts we announce a warrior has been called home. Saginaw Morgan Grant, the hereditary chief and medicine man of the Sac & Fox tribe, traveled the world speaking of his traditions, his experiences, his sobriety and his faith as both a Native American and a Christian."

He had some words of wisdom when accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oceanside International Film Festival in 2014. These words about respect hit a little different just a few short years later.

"Respect everyone regardless of what color, regardless of what belief. We're all people. We all have feelings. We all know right from wrong. A lot of us take that wrong road, and it hurts us," Grant said. "Teach the children the traditions of our past. "Every nation, every people needs to keep their traditions. To remember who they are. Be proud. Remember, If you know who you are, you will always get somewhere on Mother Earth."

In another interview with Native News Online, the actor also delivered a message of hope during the quarantine period last year.

"This isolation is temporary for most, but for many elders what you are now experiencing is the norm. It is human nature to come together in times of crisis, but this time we are having to stay apart for the health and safety of one another," he argued. "Take this opportunity to get to know yourself and what's important. Take this time to reflect on God's purpose for you. Check on others and let them know you care. Take a moment to find the beauty in a negative situation...spend extra time with someone and let them know they're loved. Recognize the opportunities you have in every situation, know that your choices in a crisis define who you are, let this define you in a positive light."

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