Sam Jones Gives Flash Gordon Movie Update

While the Flash Gordon franchise has gone quite a while without a new entry, it hasn't stopped [...]


While the Flash Gordon franchise has gone quite a while without a new entry, it hasn't stopped fans from continuing to ask the powers that be about a possible new installment.

Actor Sam Jones, who brought the beloved character to life so many years ago, was recently asked about the status of the project at Dragoncon by's Lan Pitts, and while it isn't necessarily coming out soon, it is still in active development.

"Yeah, next Flash Gordon movie, I met, the same scenario regarding Seth McFarlane, Matt Reilly is the VP of production at FOX, he might be promoted by now, and we met two years ago and he says "Sam, I just acquired the screenplay rights to Flash Gordon." And now this has happened, Kara as you know this has happened numerous times since 79, and for some reason they, whatever, and I'm talking about reputable producers. The last two before Matt Reilly it was Neil Moritz with Fast and Furious and before that Stephen Sommers, Van Helsing, and for some reason they didn't follow up on the option. They just let it go and it went back to King Features."

The personal ties that many feel towards the original seem to be why the newest entry keeps chugging along, and according to Jones, it's that fondness for the property that will eventually see it to the finish line.

"So I met with Matt Reilly about two years ago and he said hey yeah I got the rights, and what inspired me is the fact that just like Seth McFarlane, same story! He said Sam when I was nine years old I saw Flash Gordon and it changed my life. That's why I've acquired, so he has this personal touch like Seth McFarlane had. Now it's been in development for two years, and you know Kara they don't like to talk about oh is it a sequel or is it a reboot, what is it. I'm not saying this out of pride or arrogance, but they have their own way of wanting to do their own thing. I just hope they keep it, when I say dark, give it an edge. Everything should have an incredible edge to it."

Regardless of how edgy or dark they end up making the film, Jones is game for it. "We talked and I said whatever you need me for, I'm on board, and he was very appreciative. He brought John Davis, the producer on board. Breck Eisner was scheduled in the beginning years to direct, I don't think that's there anymore, but I'm excited. "

The last major news to come out of the project was the attachment of director Matthew Vaughn, but there hasn't been much word since. Hopefully, it won't be another two years before we hear another update, and maybe the next time we do hear something it will be a release date.