Stephen King's If It Bleeds Nabs Movie Deals with Netflix, Ben Stiller, and Darren Aronofsky

Stephen King's most recent book isn't just one single narrative, but a collection of four novellas [...]

Stephen King's most recent book isn't just one single narrative, but a collection of four novellas all sold under the title of If It Bleeds. Lucky for Stephen that means he can sell off each of the parts of the book into different movie deals, and that's exactly what he did. Deadline reports that three of the four novellas have been optioned for feature film adaptations with Netflix, Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy teaming up to adapt the story Mr. Harrigan's Phone with John Lee Hancock (The Highwaymen) set to write and direct. The story Rat has been picked up by Ben Stiller who will apparently produce, direct, and star in the film. Finally the story The Life Of Chuck has been picked up by Darren Aronofsky's Protozoa, currently only attached to produce the adaptation.

Curiously absent from this series of deals though is the titular novella "If It Bleeds," which may have been snatched up as well. That story features the character Holly Gibney, who has previously appeared in other King books and television adaptations including Mr. Mercedes and HBO's The Outsider. Though not confirmed, the trade notes that the later could bring back The Outsider for a new season, basing it on this story. That remains unconfirmed.

Mr. Harrigan's Phone follows a young boy in Maine (shocker!) that befriends the retired and titular Mr. Harrigan, working for him around the house into his youth and eventually buying him a smart phone. After Mr. Harrigan dies he places his phone in his pocket before the funeral, and receives a mysterious reply after leaving a voice mail for him one night.

Rat follows a writer (shocker #2) with a severe case of writer's block that finds himself in a Monkey's Paw situation after making a deal with a rat, allowing him to finish his latest novel but only in exchange for the death of a loved one.

The Life Of Chuck is perhaps the most trippy of the group, told in three parts it recounts the life of one Charles Krantz but told in reverse and begins with his death.

When released, Mr. Harrigan's Phone will mark the fourth King adaptation to be produced and released by Netflix, who previously adapted Gerald's Game (directed by Mike Flanagan), 1922 (directed by Zak Hilditch), and In the Tall Grass (directed by Vincenzo Natali).

A host of other King adaptations are also in the work as well with television versions of Lisey's Story set to arrive on Apple TV+ with The Stand in the works for CBS All Access.