Suicide Squad Director Reveals New Look at Joker and Harley Quinn From Deleted Scene

Suicide Squad’s director has revealed a new look at Joker and Harley Quinn from a deleted scene. [...]

Suicide Squad's director has revealed a new look at Joker and Harley Quinn from a deleted scene. David Ayer has been all over social media in recent weeks as fans have gotten glimpses of his creative intent for the film. There was a post that shows how much Suicide Squad draws on the comic panels containing Joker. But, it has been no secret that Ayer would like to make his own run at a director's cut of the film if possible. There have been comments in the last two weeks about studio forces being behind some of the film's flaws. DC fans who did not care for his movie have criticized Ayer a lot since Suicide Squad hit theaters. But, some of these behind the scenes posts highlight what could have been. In fact, the director argues that two particular comic book movies had the most effect on the studio.

Ayer elaborated on Twitter, "This trailer nailed the tone and intention of the film I made. Methodical. Layered. Complex, beautiful and sad. After the BVS reviews shell shocked the leadership at the time, and the success of Deadpool - My soulful drama was beaten into a 'comedy'"

In response to critiques about Harley's story arc, the director also gestured towards studio politics as the main factor for some of the decisions that ended up on film.

"Sadly her story arc was eviscerated. It was her movie in so many ways," Ayer wrote. "Look I tried. I rendered Harley comic book accurate. Everything is political now. Everything. I just want to entertain. I will do better."

For the most controversial elements of Joker's visual design, Ayer points to a often forgot portion of the film.

"This is sort of my personal thing and maybe less about a larger connection. But Joker killed Robin and Batman basically smashes his teeth out and locks him up in Arkham Asylum. It's in the asylum where Joker would have done the 'damaged' tattoo as a message to Batman saying, 'You've damaged me. I was so beautiful before and now you've destroyed my face.' That's where the grill comes from."

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