The Babysitter Director Hopes Series Becomes a Netflix Trilogy

The second movie in Netflix's Babysitter franchise arrived on the streaming service first thing Thursday morning, and it has already become quite a hit with audiences. Just a day after The Babysitter: Killer Queen debuted on Netflix, it has become the second-most popular title on the entire service, passing the likes of Cobra Kai and Sister, Sister in the process. Despite middling reviews, folks seem to be excited about the new Babysitter sequel. It should come as no surprise that the film's director, McG, already has plans for a third installment in the series.

McG recently appeared on The Boo Crew Podcast to talk about his work on The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Given the movie's ending, which leaves open the possibility for more story, the director explained that there is a possibility for more in the future. As he said on the podcast, he has always envisioned The Babysitter as a three-part series.

“There have always been three beats to this story,” McG said. “There’s the first beat, which is an adolescent Cole, who is having these strange feelings about the babysitter. But naturally it’s not appropriate for him to realize those feelings with a grown woman. In the second film he’s in an age where he can experience love… and we could explore that.”

“I don’t want to talk about the third beat of the Cole arc," he continued. "But should the audience like this movie, we’re ready to do the third one. Let’s see if people like this one.”

Without giving away too many spoilers, Killer Queen leaves things open in a post-credits scene. Following the events of the film, which seem to put a lid on things, the camera pans over the lake to show the Devil's Book lying in the sand. The wind blows and the book's pages start flipping, teasing more to the curse than most viewers thought.


Ultimately, ordering another Babysitter movie is going to be up to Netflix. Killer Queen will have to be a really solid performer over the next few weeks to convince the streaming service to order another installment. If the first day is any indication, though, it shouldn't have much trouble.

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