The Batman: Kevin Conroy Reacts To Robert Pattinson Saying "I'm Vengeance"

As DC fans know, Robert Pattinson staked his claim to the title of the new Dark Knight in a big way with the official trailer for the film that premiered at DC FanDome. In one of the final moments of the trailer, Pattinson's Batman beats a henchman senseless and answers the question "What the hell are you supposed to be" with a callback to Batman: The Animated Series by replying: "I'm vengeance." Fans of the cartoon quickly picked up on this, and in a new interview, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy shared his reaction to having heard Pattinson pick up his trademark tagling for the new film.

"I don't own those lines, you know what I mean? I have to put my ego aside and I have to accept the fact that there are a lot of actors who are just as good at playing Batman as I am," Conroy said in an interview with Geek House Show. "I think it was kind of brilliant of Warner Brothers to not give the role to one person. I thought it was crazy at first because usually they give a role to one actor and that actor becomes the face of the franchise. So when Michael Keaton started and I thought well he's going to be Batman. Then you got, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, all these different actors, Ben Affleck, who all did it slightly different. They all had a different strength in playing the role."

He continued, "It's like to me Mark Hamill is The Joker, he IS The Joker. He's the embodiment of Joker, he's brilliant. And then I saw Heath Ledger. And I thought oh my god this is a whole other kind of crazy. It's not better than Mark, but it's brilliant, it's another kind of crazy. So it's different actors bring different things. So I love that Robin Patterson's doing that."

Filming is ongoing on the upcoming movie despite many delays in production including the outright stoppage in shooting and another minor delay as Pattinson himself was diagnosed with COVID-19. The many delays in filming has also seen the release date for the film pushed back more than once already. Originally set for a June 25, 2021 release, the film was then pushed to October of 2021 before finally landing on its currently scheduled release date of March 4, 2022.


Are you hoping that Pattinson's Batman completes the iconic phrase in the final movie? Do you think trailer #2 will see him say "I am the night" ahead of an eventual "I'm Batman" in a later trailer? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.