The Batman Trailer: Riddler, Court Of Owls, Catwoman Explained

The Batman released its first official trailer at DC FanDome and we're gonna take a Shot by Shot look at our new Gotham. On Saturday, got our first look at Michael Keaton's Batman in The Flash, epic behind the scenes looks at The Suicide Squad, concept at of the JSA members in Black Adam, and a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984… but the main event was The Batman trailer. This movie is only about a quarter of the way through its production but they still managed to cut together an epic look, so let's dive in for a Shot by Shot breakdown!

The video above breaks down all of the big moments in The Batman trailer. Note: some additions to the script used in the video above have been added to this article after some smart points were made in the video's comment section!

The trailer opens on a red DC logo, which normally wouldn't be important, but that logo has often been blue for DCEU movies recently -- and during DC FanDome, Walter Hamada confirmed that The Batman is on a different earth than the Justice League heroes we've already seen -- though they are all connected by the Multiverse.

Then we get Paul Dano's Riddler, doing villain things. His costume will probably evolve but he's looking gritty and psychopathic early on. We might see a green suit, top hat, and question mark on Edward Nashton yet. The tone is clear, Matt Reeves is making a gritty, visceral, grounded story. It's inevitably going to be compared to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy in that regard but these really already feel different.

The Riddler, real name Edward Nashton, is dropping riddles in cards left behind at the scene -- and it isn't a coincidence that there is an owl on the face of this card. Matt Reeves may be doing the Court of Owls at some point in his trilogy. Inside it says "Haven't a clue? Let's play a game, me and you." The left side is blocked but it seems to say something along the lines of "What does a LIAR say when he's DEAD?" Since the trailer's release, a fan has speculated that the hieroglyphics say, "He lies still."

There is also a look at Colin Farell completely unrecognizable as The Penguin, Oswald Cobblepott.

colin farrell penguin batman
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Jeffrey Wright's commissioner Gordon enters this crime scene when Riddler is gone. The moment bringing us to the crime scene must be from Batman's perspective with how everyone is looking at the camera. I'm assuming it must be someone like a politician or judge who died because this is a massive police presence and investigation. Clues on the wall indicate it is someone named Don, and Riddler does not approve of his media coverage, as "Lies" is written across all of it.

One thing is for sure -- this note was "To The Batman." And the Batman is not shy about showing up to crime scenes to work with Commissioner Gordon, as we see our first real shot of Pattinson in the Batsuit, and an indication this is going to very much be a detective movie. Maybe Riddler knows Batman's identity?

A car crashes into some sort of courthouse or municipal building where the original victim's funeral is being held and Bruce Wayne knows exactly who it is targeting so he is quick to rescue that person. The Riddler is definitely behind this because we can see a question mark is painted onto the side of the car. Someone inside is suicide bombing the event although it doesn't look to be by choice as their mouth is covered up but their chest reads, "To The Batman," and while everyone runs, Bruce doesn't flinch. He probably wants to stop this person and maybe get some answers and try to save them? He's not going to get them in time, though. Instead, he is going to get in the Batsuit. We see Batman in a batsuit getting blasted away from the explosion by this car.

Selona Kyle doing her Catwoman thing and breaking into beautiful houses and robbing their safes. She will wear a full on traditional Catwoman suit in the movie but here we just get a nod with the seams of her ski mask having cat-ear points on them. There's a really well choreographed encounter between Batman and Catwoman. This probably means Batman has his eye on her or she's snooping around somewhere that he's doing his detective thing at but also teases their classic balance of rivalry and alliance.

It definitely seems like Riddler might be trying to frame Batman and turn Gotham City PD against him or at least get in his head. At one point, it looks like Batman is wrestling his way out of the GCPD surrounding him and Gordon has to calm him down.

Probably not a great call for the GCPD officers to get all up on Batman because this Batman can clearly kick as much ass as he wants. When a Gotham street gang tries Battinson, one of them gets his face absolutely bashed in like their name is Glenn and and Batman's fists are Lucille. Unclear whether or not Batman kills in this movie. Also, are these gangsters inspired by the Joker with that make up? I don't know, no one has been cast as Joker for this yet, but that's a bold coincidence.

The Batmobile looks like a super tricked out 1970 Dodge Charger with the engine moved to its backside. The very last thing we see is a tease of the Batcave, Bruce taking off the cowl, and I can only imagine this Batcave is going to grow over the course of this trilogy.


The home run of it all -- "I'm vengeance." The iconic line we've heard from Kevin Conroy on the animated series, well, it's part of the movies now, and I have chills.

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