The Batman: Zoe Kravitz Read Year One To Prepare For Catwoman Role

Though production on The Batman has been stalled due to the Coronavirus, the cast is still eager [...]

Though production on The Batman has been stalled due to the Coronavirus, the cast is still eager to get back to work. Star Zoe Kravitz said as much in a new interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, while also revealing some new details about her brief time Catwoman in front of the camera. In addition to confirming that shooting had been ongoing for about two months when the shutdown happened, Kravitz revealed the main comic book from DC that she's been reading to prep her for the movie, and it likely won't surprise you. "I've been reading the Year One comic," Kravitz said. "It's great, it's super badass."

For those that don't recall, the Batman: Year One comic was one of the seminal works featuring the character from comic writer/artist Frank Miller. In the story, Selina Kyle is inspired by Batman to put on a costume of her own, becoming Catwoman and starting her life of high-profile burglaries. At first she's mistaken for working with Batman, a notion she resents, and which leads to the pair becoming an item in Batman: The Long Halloween (a series said to have inspired the new film).

Kravitz also spoke about how she thinks the time the world has spent in quarantine and reprioritizing their lives will have a big effect on art moving forward, including The Batman.

"It's been sad to be so geared up for something and have to come to a halt," Kravitz said. "But at the same time I've of course been trying to find glass half full ways of thinking. It is interesting for our generation, this really is the first situation of this caliber that you've had to deal with. It's the end of the world and things are a mess and something needs to be fixed and all of a sudden I feel like I actually have some kind of understanding for hte first time in my life about what these people are really fighting for. So of course, it's a movie, it's batman, but I do want to come to it with that kind of intention. There's a gift in here somewhere I think."

Though the UK has started to lift restriction on feature film and television productions across the pond, it's unclear when The Batman will resume production (though another high-profile movie filming in the UK is gearing up to restart in July). To account for the time they've been on hiatus, Warner Bros. Pictures has already delayed the film from July of 2021 to October of next year.