The Dark Knight Rises Is Highest Grossing Movie Of Year In The U.K.

0commentsThe Dark Knight Rises in the U.K.

While The Dark Knight Rises has little hope of overtaking The Avengers at the U.S. box office, the British seem to prefer the Bat to the Cap and friends. Of course, the fact that Christopher Nolan, who is originally from London, directed The Dark Knight Rises probably doesn't hurt either. According to the numbers from, The Dark Knight Rises has reached $82.1 million in the U.K. to become the top grossing film of 2012. The Dark Knight Rises moved past Avengers Assemble (the British name for The Avengers movie), which was the previous top film at $80.56 million. With The Dark Knight Rises continuing to do strong in the international market, the film looks to be on track to cross the billion dollar market on its way to becoming the highest grossing Batman film ever at the worldwide box office. The Dark Knight Rises currently ranks seventeenth on the all time worldwide box office list and is quickly closing in on The Dark Night which ranks twelfth.