The Dark Knight Rises' Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Spin-Off: "I'm Interested"

'As long as Christopher Nolan is involved' has been the familiar line used by the cast of The Dark [...]

John Blake Dark Knight Rises

"As long as Christopher Nolan is involved" has been the familiar line used by the cast of The Dark Knight Rises when asked about the prospects of returning to Gotham City again in the future--and since Nolan has said he's done with that part of his filmmaking life, it seems like that response is just a soft "no." During an interview with the Hindustan Times, though, Joseph Gordon-Levitt uttered those two little words that he and his co-stars have danced around up until now: "I'm interested." Spoilers below for the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. It was prefaced by the same remarks about the quality of script and filmmaker that his previous "I'd be willing to consider it" has had before, but it still seems like another step in the direction of the actor being engaged with the concept--which is interesting since just yesterday a report surfaced indicating that the Batman franchise would likely continue to exist independent of Warner Brothers's planned Justice League film, opening up the theoretical (if unlikely) possibility of following up on threads left over from Nolan's films in the next Batman. "It's amazing and so wonderful to be part of a film like [The Dark Knight Rises]," JGL said in an interview promoting Looper's international release. "But as far as Robin is concerned, that's not up to me. I don't have the rights to that character. If there's a script I find inspiring and a filmmaker I have a connection with, I'm interested."