The Goonies Director Richard Donner Addresses Number Of Bloopers In The Film

The Goonies remains an indelible cult-classic young adult movie, even 35 years after its release. This being a milestone anniversary for the Amblin Entertainment film, Goonies cast members and architects (like director Richard Donner and co-writer Steven Spielberg) have been back in the limelight again. Well, with the world on lockdown from the Coronavirus Pandemic, a lot of stars are forming big virtual reunions as charitable events. Frozen star Josh Gad has taken it a step further, creating an entire YouTube series called Reunited Apart around the virtual reunion concept. Gad went big for the first episode, getting The Goonies team back together!

During the conversation with Gad, Goonies director Richard Donner was asked how Goonies managed to wrack up 103 bloopers (according to its IMDb Page). Here's Donner's explanation for why there was so much goofing off during The Goonies' shoot:

"Listen, with these seven incredible human beings talking at once; hogging the camera; loving, crying, and hating smiling, we're lucky it's not one-thousand and three."


You really should watch the whole Goonies episode of Reunited Apart up above: it's a legit good swim in some sweet nostalgia. You find out fun anecdotes (like Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood visiting the set!), and it's pretty great to see so much of the big ensemble cast back in one place. That list includes Sean Astin (Mikey), Josh Brolin (Brand), Martha Plimpton (Stef), Kerri Green (Andy), Jeff Cohen (Chunk - now so skinny!), Joe Pantoliano (Francis Fratelli), Robert Davi (Jake Fratelli), Corey Feldman (Mouth) and Ke Huy Quan (Data). If that wasn't enough star power, writers Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus are there, so is director Richard Donner - as well as singer Cyndi Lauper, whose single from the soundtrack, "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough", became a smash hit. The cast even does recreations of key scenes - and somehow still nail the beats perfectly, even over Zoom!

Goonies has managed to be the rare movie to dodge Hollywood's remake/reboot/sequel obsession, retaining its place as an adventure film for subsequent generations, without having to "update" a thing. Even with some questionable choices in good taste (Sloth) and a heavy dose of '80s kitsch, Goonies still perfectly depicts the kind of adventure that young kids always dream of. The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg has secretly written a Goonies sequel script, but nothing has gone forward. In the interview with Gad, Spielberg claims that the bar was set too high by the first film, to follow-up. He says people will just have to "watch it 100 times."