The Hangover Is Coming to Netflix for Only One Month

Popular movies rotate in and out of the Netflix lineup all the time, but it's rare that a film [...]

Popular movies rotate in and out of the Netflix lineup all the time, but it's rare that a film exits the streaming service within a month of its arrival. However, that seems to be the case with The Hangover, the beloved 2009 comedy from director Todd Phillips. The film has been on Netflix in the past, and it's coming back at the beginning of next month, but only for a short time. In a strange set of circumstance, The Hangover is also leaving Netflix in April, just 30 days after it arrives.

Netflix released its monthly newsletter last week, announcing every TV show and movie coming to and exiting the service. After a detailed list of everything on the way, Netflix reveals the lineup of which movies are on the way out. The Hangover appeared at the very beginning of the newsletter, set to arrive on April 1st. It also showed up at the very end, leaving on April 30th. What a strange April Fool's joke.

The Hangover first arrived in theaters in 2009 and quickly become a country-wide phenomenon. College kids everywhere spent the next few months singing about what tigers dream of, yelling "Carlos!" at every baby they saw, and renaming all of their friend groups "The Wolfpack." The Hangover was an obsession for a little while.

In addition to being an instant favorite amongst its target audience, The Hangover scored great reviews from critics and absolutely crushed it at the box office. With a budget of just $35 miilion, the film earned more than $469 million at the global box office, enough for Warner Bros. to give Todd Phillips an entire trilogy. The Hangover Part II was released two years later and, despite less-than-stellar reviews, out-earned its predecessor with a $586 million global haul. The third film in the series stumbled a bit, though, making $362 million when it hit theaters in 2013.

It's that first movie everyone still loves, and that's the only one coming to Netflix in April. Just make sure you watch it quickly, because it won't be there for very long.