The Heat Director Paul Feig Pitched a Wonder Woman Movie Recently

Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Logo in the Style of Man of Steel - Imgur

Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, has revealed that he recently pitched a Wonder Woman film to Warner Bros. The movie, which was conceived as a light-hearted action comedy, basically dealt with feminist issues within the superhero community. Too bad there's not a script, as it might not work as a movie but would almost certainly be enthusiastically embraced as an original graphic novel. Here's how IGN's piece on Feig describes the project:

The idea for Feig's film would've involved a Wonder Woman who "keeps hitting the glass ceiling" of the superhero world. Conceived as a lighter action-comedy, this Princess Diana of Themyscira has to contend with male heroes like Batman and Superman who are perhaps not as forward-thinking regarding their female counterpart as they should be. (I think the word "jerks" might've come up.) Feig compared this Wonder Woman to the suffragist Cicely Hamilton (who wrote the 1908 "feminist" play Diana of Dobson's). I asked Feig if the tone he had in mind would've been more in line with, say, the Iron Man films, and he said that was the basic idea. But not surprisingly, the studio did not go for the pitch. And Feig told me that in retrospect he can see why the concept didn't fly, as the fans can be quite protective of their characters and any changes that are made to them.

Perhaps the biggest piece of news coming out of this story is kind of buried in the smaller picture: the fact that Paul Feig has pitched a Wonder Woman movie recently means that Warner Bros. is currently engaged (or at least was very recently engaged) in taking pitch meetings on Wonder Woman.