The Numbers Are In, and Fantastic Four Bombed at the U.S. Box Office

In case there was any doubt, final box office estimates are in and it appears as though there's statistically very little chance that Josh Trank's Fantastic Four will break even at the U.S. box office.

The film, which opened this weekend with $26.2 million, didn't even beat out last week's champ, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, which made $29 million. Not only will it not catch up with its 2005 and 2007 predecessors, but Fantastic Four might not actually match the $65 million Trank generated with his modestly-budgeted debut feature Chronicle.

With early estimates pegging FF to make between $40 and $50 million, it's hard to imagine that Fox isn't wondering not only what went wrong with the film, but what went wrong with the projection models, as well.

Of course, toxic word-of-mouth and a director who aimed to distance himself from the film before it ever came out couldn't have helped, and there's a lot of buzz around whether Trank's comments in particular -- coupled with widely-circulated reports that Fox sabotaged the film every step of the way -- may have poisoned the well even worse than it already was.

Honestly, all eyes were on Fantastic Four this weekend, so the rest of the top five hardly seems to matter. Still, it's worth a look.


The Gift more than doubled its $5 million production costs with a $12 million opening, and Ant-Man came in at #4 with $7.8 million. Both Ricki and the Flash and Shaun the Sheep were expected to outpace Ant-Man, but Ricki made $7 million and Shaun underperformed with just $4 million.