Dave Franco's Horror Film The Rental Gets Trailer Teaser Before Drive-In Pop-Up Event

Actor Dave Franco might be most known for his comedic projects like The Disaster Artist, [...]

Actor Dave Franco might be most known for his comedic projects like The Disaster Artist, Neighbors, or 21 Jump Street, though the actor's most recent project, The Rental, is a horror film that he directed and also co-wrote with Joe Swanberg. Despite the coronavirus pandemic shuttering traditional movie theaters around the globe, fans will be able to enjoy a special sneak peek screening event this Thursday, June 18th at the Vineland Drive-In in southern California, which will also include a special Q&A with the cast and crew. Check out the trailer teaser above before the film hits select drive-ins, theaters, and VOD on July 24th. You can learn more at the event's website.

In The Rental, two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly perfect rental house may be spying on them. Before long, what should have been a celebratory weekend trip turns into something far more sinister, as well-kept secrets are exposed and the four old friends come to see each other in a whole new light. Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, Jeremy Allen White, and Sheila Vand star in this unnerving and sophisticated debut thriller.

"IFC Films is proud to join forces with the team at the ArcLight to present a special sneak screening of The Rental at The Vineland Drive-In next week," Arianna Bocco and Lisa Schwartz of IFC Films shared in a statement about the event. "Over the last few months, IFC Films has focused on the rich moviegoing tradition of drive-ins, which provide a safe and unique space to enjoy films right now. It's an utterly singular experience to watch films with an audience under the stars and we couldn't think of a more perfect film than The Rental to celebrate the storied history of the Vineland Drive-In."

Despite starring in a horror film, actress Brie admitted she wasn't entirely a fan of the genre and would insist on husband Franco sifting through the films that were actually worth investing in.

"I get very scared," Brie shared with SiriusXM. "So what we like to do is Dave will watch every horror movie and he loves them, and especially lately, as he was writing this one, and he'll weed out the ones for me. He'll be like, 'These are the cream of the crop horror movies. Let's go see Midsommar, It Follows.' I'm like, 'I don't want to get scared for nothing. Find me the best of the best.'"

Check out the trailer teaser for The Rental above before it lands in select drive-ins, theaters, and on VOD on July 24th. You can learn more about the drive-in sneak peek at the event's website.

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