The Rock Sings Happy Birthday to 103-Year-Old Grandmother

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made some time to celebrate one grandma's 103rd birthday. It's become a yearly tradition for the movie star to sing happy birthday to Marie Grover. As The Rock's number one fan, she gets some special privileges, which inlcude this yearly serenade. Jamie Klingler has been organizing these special moments on social media for years now. Fans of The Rock just love seeing the old lady getting to interact with her favorite superstar. Johnson seems to get a pretty big kick out of it too. (Not too long ago he sent her some of his tequila brand, because at over 100 years old, she's earned it!) So, it's all smiles on the timeline every year when Grandma Grover celebrates another trip around the sun. Check out the video for yourself down below right here.

He wrote, "Life moves fast, but this is our reminder to slow down and enjoy Every. Single. Moment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA GROVER!! A beautiful and inspiring 103!! We're all grateful you were born and love the Rock doll!! I'm mean "action figure" cos you know I'm a tough guy DJ."

On Twitter, she explained this year's festivities, "Grandmom Grover turned 103 on Saturday night & it just wouldn't be a Grandmom Grover birthday without 'Her Rock'. The joy that @TheRock has brought to her cannot be described in words. She was so happy to see Tia join in. What a life she has lived and shared with us. Thank You DJ."

How Grandma Grover's Rock Obsession Started

Klingler isn't Grover's granddaughter, but a friend of the family. She explained how all of this started in an interview with Philadelphia Magazine

"When we were 15 [years old] and trick-or-treating in Fox Chase, she would have on a 'Rock' sweatshirt," Klingler began. "She's loved him since 1994. She'd be like, 'He's so handsome,' and we'd watch a movie and it wouldn't be very good, and she'd be like, 'It'd be much better if they put 'The Rock' in it.'"


"The guy at the corner store bought her a birthday cake and said, 'I saw 'The Rock!'," Klingler added. "Making a 100-year-old go viral is pretty amusing for all of us involved. Her daughter said she's loving the attention and has been so perked up and having a blast and just can't stop laughing. We're so touched by [Johnson's] generosity and how sweet it was. It really has been an incredible week for her."

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