The Rock Sings Happy Birthday To 102-Year-Old Grandma

As is now a heart warming tradition that started two years ago, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has taken to social media to share a special interaction he had with the world. Though it's unclear how all of this started, Johnson took to Twitter over the weekend to confirm that not only is "Grandma Grover" still going but that she just celebrated her 102nd birthday and received yet another serenade from the wrestler turned actor. You can watch the full video form Johnson below!

"This is a very special video that goes out to a very, very special lady," Johnson says in the video. "This is one of the most special videos I will do all year, probably one of the most special videos I will do in my entire lifetime. This special lady turns 102 years old, so with all the love and mana that i have, it's my pleasure to say this." Johnson then sang "Happy Birthday" to her and then blew kisses to camera. 

Johnson continued: "Happy Birthday Grandma Grover it is your Rock, your one and only Rock. I did not forget your birthday, I couldn't forget your birthday. I love you, we love you, America loves you, the world loves you. Out of the fighting city of Philadelphia you are a fighter and you are so strong and you look so beautiful. Happy birthday Grandma. I don't have my grandma, I wish I did, but I have you. You're my grandma, you're America's grandma. Happy birthday and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy."

Grandma Grover responded in kind, singing a song back to Johnson as well. 

Johnson's video message for Grandma Grover came from, where else, the gym. It's currently unclear what role will be next on his ever busy filming schedule but the star can next be seen in the highly anticipated Black Adam feature film, playing the titular DC comics anti-hero. He'll also lend his voice to Krypto the Superdog for the animated DC League of Super-Pets next year as well.

Earlier this summer came word that the Johnson-starring Jungle Cruise from Walt Disney Studios was also headed down the franchise river with a sequel already being worked on an Johnson expected to return. When that might happen, considering how consistently busy Johnson is, remains to be seen.