The Suicide Squad: John Cena Defends Guardians Of The Galaxy Comparisons

DC fans have been eagerly anticipating to see what James Gunn can do with the DC Universe in The [...]

DC fans have been eagerly anticipating to see what James Gunn can do with the DC Universe in The Suicide Squad, and now the wait is almost over. The first few trailers and early reviews indicate that Gunn has truly been unleashed with The Suicide Squad, delivering a superhero movie that doesn't really feel like anything else out there. That said, there have been frequent comparisons to Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and during the Suicide Squad set visit's Brandon Davis discussed those comparisons with Peacemaker star John Cena. While Cena sees comparisons on a very base level (i.e., they are both movies and have humor), they really go their separate ways after that.

Cena was asked if the James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy but for DC comparison was accurate, and Cena asked "Okay, give me what you mean by that."

"Like jokey in tone characters that don't play well together, but figure out eventually how to be a team," Davis said. "It's like his unique sense of humor, basically, that would fuel the story."

"So the tale of human connection making the audience laugh," Cena said.

"Sure, but I wouldn't say Suicide Squad, because they're supposed to be villains and there's supposed to be, well, not supposed to be. There's almost an expected essence of them not getting along together. It's almost like two things that don't go together," Davis said.

"Yeah. So I bet you if they locked the door in this son of a bitch right now, and they kept us here for a month, we'd somehow find a way to co-exist. So I think you can say that for any dynamic," Cena said. "In Suicide Squad, they're put in penitentiary situations. Even in the penitentiary, where people are there to correct moral wrongdoing, they make a dichotomy, they have sides. So to say that people don't get along, correct. But then they're putting in a set of circumstances where the other option is not existing. So if you are faced with death, we'll get along. And I think that's an interesting, like that drives the narrative forward really tight. And that's very well-defined. So I think that's a cool kind of way to make it."

The Suicide Squad hits HBO Max and theaters on August 6th, while Cena's Peacemaker series hits HBO Max early next year.

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